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Aboard Norwegian Cruise Line Getaway on a Caribbean cruise


Swimming PoolFebruary 1st aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line's Getaway!

Jamaica Shore Excursion
Jamaica Shore Excursion

What’s there to do?
Your reunion members will ask what there is to do on a cruise ship and you can tell them they will never, ever want for something to do. There are spas, miniature and electronic golf, exercise facilities, rock wall climbing, zipline, walking and jogging tracks, basketball courts, hot tubs, swimming pools, giant waterslides …  and those are just a few active things to do.  There are games and TV game shows, puzzles, lectures, a library, card rooms, art auctions, cooking and dance lessons. And, after dark, night clubs, lounges, bands and dancing, casinos and first class entertainment every night. For family reunions add secure childcare and activity programs for tweens and teens that allow parents to have time to enjoy all there is to do on the ship.

The advantages for you, the planner, are many!
First is to find a reliable cruise travel agent (we recommend Brian Forrester at Holiday Cruises and Tours, who can handle all the details. You sign only one agreement.  There are no cancellation or attrition clauses. No ADA concerns because the cruise line will take care of individuals with disabilities in your group. Your members book their own shore excursions, according to their interests and abilities.

Then, there are the traditions you always enjoy at your reunions. Banquets can be arranged any time. Decorated cakes can be ordered for special occasions and special acknowledgement of your reunion can be made at shows. Space for hospitality, meetings, receptions and group photos can all be arranged.  A memorial service @ sea can also be planned.

The pool bar is very popular
The pool bar is always popular.

There must be a catch!
So, you’re thinking that all sounds great but there must be a catch! There is. You can’t bring your own booze. If you do, it will be confiscated and returned when you leave the ship.  Also, space on the ship is limited. Hospitality and meeting space will be available only during certain times and usually on “at sea” days. Memorabilia must be packed and stowed each day.

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