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Report from a Seminar@Sea!
Many of you have attended reunion planning workshops or reunion familiarization (FAM) tours but probably very few have attended a Seminar@Sea. The purpose of either is exactly the same: to introduce you to reunion planning ideas and in the case of the Seminar@Sea, provide an opportunity to experience what your reunion could expect if you chose to take a cruise reunion. This Seminar@Sea was hosted by Norwegian Cruise Lines and Holiday Cruises and Tours of Scottsdale, Arizona, on the NCL Getaway

Reunions represented on the 2016 Seminar@Sea on the NCL Getaway were Military Women, USAF 64E Pilot Training, USNTC Association, USS Copeland FFG25, USS Dale, DLG19, USS Decater, USS Ingraham, USS Northampton, USS Oklahoma City, USS Sea Cat SS399, USS Trumpetfish, VP60, VVA Arizona, VVA Florida, YAGRS and, yes, the Holmes and Greenidge Family Reunions.

Brian Forrester, Vice President of Sales at Holiday Cruises and Tours

If planning a reunion is your responsibility and you have the freedom to explore all options, do not overlook the idea of a cruise reunion. Many reunion planners don’t broach the subject of cruising because they haven’t experienced it themselves or they think it costs too much. But a Seminar@Sea will solve the first problem and some startling information will take care of the second (about which more later!).

All hands on deck
Seminar@Sea planners preparing for a meeting.
Norwegian Cruise Line Group Marketing Director, Roz Young, in the white sweater.

For this Seminar@Sea, there were a couple scheduled meetings when all hands were required on deck! There are many reasons why a cruise is even easier to plan than any other reunion. And that is what we learned and what we experienced @ sea! There was entertainment and dinners for the group while the rest of the time was for enjoying all the ship and its ports of call had to offer.

Let’s say you’re convinced a cruise is right for your reunion … but you may have to overcome objections from some of your members. Some are afraid of getting seasick but cruise ships today are equipped with gyroscopic devises and stabilizers, which provide a much smoother ride (or is it glide?). Spacious cabins feature private baths, flat screen TVs, huge picture windows or sliding glass doors leading to a balcony. Then, cruise lines have also made big changes. There are fewer dressy, pricey cruises. There are more ships, which means more competition. And cruise lines have discovered more people would fill their ships if they charged less for cabins.
Some cruise lines are friendlier to reunions than others so determine that before making any commitments. Concentrate your search for a ship that welcomes reunions.

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